Monthly Archives: June 2012

If You Pedicab in Austin Doante to the LOBV!

To riders: There are a handful of cyclist advocates and this is the best in Austin. These are also the only people in town that are advocating for you to be able to keep doing your job with as many freedoms and protections as possible. For those not at the Ground Transportation meetings, Tom Wald played a large part in helping get the cops off out back. He did it without backing down, and without getting paid. Its only about a nights lease to join. Pedicab just one more day and donate it and feel good about doing your part all year.

To Owners: Tom is making sure that our industry stays possible in legal in Austin. He works on our behalf tirelessly for the city. I wish we could form a pedicab businesses association(not a bad idea, eh) and put him on a salary but we can at least all do our part by joining up for at least $100.

DirtNail Pedicabs has joined at the business membership level.

Austin Pedicab Prom

Thanks to Hannah and Russell for throwing and amazing pedicab prom. It was wonderful to see all the old pedicab riders and and new pedicab riders in one place. Hopefully it will become a yearly event. DirtNail was the host of the Austin Pedicab Prom After-party. Beers were drank, roofs were sat on and songs were sung. Pardon the lack of belt and saggy pants but here is the video. PediCab Bohemian Rhapsody

Thanks to Dawson O’connor Smith. He is an amazing with a video camera. If you liked the video then check out his website.