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DirtNail Pedicabs Featured on the Downtown Austin Alliance

Thank you to the Downtown Austin Alliance for recognizing a few of the older pedicab shops in town on their transportation page.

Quoting their webpage “You’ll see pedicabs throughout downtown, especially in the entertainment districts of E. 6th Street, the Warehouse District and W. 6th Street. Drivers are fully licensed by the City of Austin. Rates vary – be sure to ask your driver about the price per rider or per trip before hopping in.”

Click Here for the link.

Portland Trip

I just got off the train in San Francisco today. Here are some reflections on my trip to Portland, as it pertains to pedicab shops and riders. I am going to try to break it down to a list of things you need to do to ride, own a shop there.

1. Season Portland has a very short riding season. They operate optimally between May and September. The other months are cold enough to freeze most people out. The exception to this seems to be Kyle’s Shop (I forget the name. How do they achieve this? The ever popular canopy with plastic wraparound. Do not run without these in Portland if you want a chance of running all year round. Kyle also does a good job at two other things. He has worked out deals with many local businesses (mostly breweries) for tours. He also does a very good job with year round ad booking(something all of us in Austin could do better.

The rain also means that one needs much better gear to ride hear.
All in all, I would much rather pedicab in Austin.