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Suggested Pedicab Enforcement Agreement

The current enforcement agreement with the APD is woefully unsuited to the increased amount of pedicabs on the streets of Austin. In the interest of having a single set of outlines that both APD and pedicab shop owners can agree on and enforce unilaterally we formerly request a modification of the enforcement agreement with the following considerations:

1. Waiting Areas: Pedicabs shall be allowed to wait anywhere within the Austin City limits, so long as we pedicabs wait in a manner that complies with city code sections 12-2-13 and 12-2-15 as well as state transportation code section 545.302. This shall explicitly include in between cars in parking spaces, adjacent to crosswalks, on sidewalks, and behind barricaded areas open to pedestrians but not to cars.

2. Sidewalks: Travel on sidewalks is permitted, so long as travel occurs in compliance with sections 12-2-13 and 12-2-15 as well as state transportation code section 545.302.

3. One-way streets near closures: when a road is closed to vehicular traffic, pedicabs shall be permitted to travel in both directions on perpendicular roads for a 2-block radius in each direction. Example: when 6th st. is closed to cars, pedicabs are allowed to travel both North and South on San Jacinto between 5th and 6th St.s.

4. Specifically-designated pedicab waiting areas:
1. 2nd & Guadalupe
2. 4th & Colorado
3. 5th & Congress
4. 6th & Brazos
5. 6th & San Jacinto
6. 5th & Neches
7. 6th & Neches
8. Congress & Cesar Chavez
9. 6th & Rio Grande
10. 6th & West Ave
11. 6th & San Antonio
12. 6th & Nueces
13. 4th & Trinity
14. 6th & Red River

The old agreement can be viewed here.

Please email Tom Wald at if you have any productive input, or if you just want to thank him for all his help for the pedicab community.

3 thoughts on “Pedicab Enforcement Agreement

  1. Patricia Schaub

    Please help support Tom Wald’s work for pedicab and bicycle advocacy in Austin through a membership in the League of Bicycling Voters: . You can join at any level, but consider a basic sustaining memberships at $12/month or becoming a full advocate member for $100/year. We need your support to continue making Austin a first-class city for pedal-powered transportation!

  2. B Perez

    I’m not sure of any area downtown where it is safe for pedicabs to ride on the sidewalk. Could someone give an example of where this could be? I’m all for it, but I don’t see where this is feasible without being a major annoyance or much worse an injury waiting to happen to pedestrians.


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