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Get the authentic Austin experience, all from the back of a pedicab.

DirtNail Pedicab offers wedding and tour rides for affordable rates. To book one of the following or your own custom tour contact us at 512-844-4444 or fill out the form below. Cost of drinks and food is not included in the price of the ride.

A. Wedding Rides - Make your first experience as newlyweds a memorable and romantic one. Sitting in a custom “Just Married” decorated pedicab with cans attached looking up at the stars, as you gently drift down congress or around Austin is just like being in a gondola in Venice for the landlocked. We will pick up you and your whole party at your church and caravan to your venue of choice. Cost-25-35 per cab (depends on distance) Length-Depends on distance.

B. Dive Drive-The tour starts where you want to be picked up (must be near downtown) from there, we take you to to Lovejoys, the best dive bar downtown. We then take the back alleys over to Mowhawks on Red River. Finally, we take you back to the Jackalope, where you can get a great burger and a beer. To keep the rider on schedule you are limited to 20 min in each bar. Cost-45 per cab. Length-1 Hour

C. The Classic-We pick you up and take you to Max’s Wine Dive, for a lovely glass of wine to start the night. When you have had your fill of cheese and wine, we take you to the luxurious Driskill hotel bar to recline on their comfy couches and sip on inventive mixed drinks. For bonus points, try to guess why the statue is called “The Widow-maker” without reading the inscription. Finally, we stop at the elephant room for some cool Jazz and classic standbys like the Martini and the Manhattan. Cost-85 per cab. Length- 2 hours.

D. All Night Long- On a non-event night, you can rent out a personal pedicab driver all night for $300 for one person, 400 for two people and 500 for three people. He will park outside every bar and wait for you and take you on as many rides as you like. He is yours from 8:00 PM till 1:00 AM.