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Featured Tours

  • Capital to Campus

    A stunning view of our much beloved state capital leads to a short jaunt through old-town Austin and up to the University of Texas.
    After a loop around the drag, we head back to downtown to the destination of your choice.

    • $45 /passenger

  • East Side Graffiti Tour

    Austin’s East side is home to a vibrant culture of street art. We’ll take you from the Austin convention center across the freeway and around some truly beautiful works of art.
    Afterwards, we can take you the east-side bar of your choice for drinks or back to downtown proper.

    • $65 /passenger

  • Welcome to the 704

    South Congress is the center of Austin’s chic pop-culture enigma.
    It’s also the biggest, baddest hill you could ask us to climb.
    And climb it we will, pausing for a moment to catch our breath at Magnolia Cafe, before coming back down on South First street, an often over-looked counterpart to the illustrious SoCo district.

    • $85 /passenger

Timed Tours

Do you want to wander, but don’t want to be out all night?

Drivers are available by the minute.
We’ll pick you up, drive wherever it suits your fancy, and drop you off back where you started (or somewhere else, if you prefer).

  • 20 minute minimum
    $1 /minute
    Additional gratuities not required, but greatly appreciated.

Custom Charters

Pedicabs can be chartered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what your needs.

We can design a route to fit any desire or budget.
Pefect for any event, from weddings to Bar Mitzvahs to corporate shindigs, your pedicab experience can be yours to plan.
The sky is the limit for how creative you can be with your ride (or it would be if pedicabs had wings).

Pricing for this service can vary widly, depending on the size of your party, length of the tour, and another of other factors.
Click the button on the right to get in contact with us and start planning the pedicab ride of your dreams!

  • Prices are Negotiable

All Night

When getting around town, nothing beats a pedicab.

And if you’ve got places to go tonight, there’s no better way to do your evening than to have your own personal pedicab driver.
We’ll take you anywhere you want to go, wait there until you’re done, and then it’s on to the next adventure.

From 6pm to 2:30am, we’re all yours.

  • 10 hour private charter
    $300 /person
    Additional gratuities not required, but greatly appreciated.