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How does one drive a pedicab in Austin? Pedicabbing isn't for everyone, but anyone can become a great pedicabber if they put in the effort. It takes tenacity, patience, and a depth of character not required by the majority of other professions or careers. As such, I'm not just going to post a list of "8 Easy Steps" here or some other rigamarole that won't actually help you break into this city's world-famous pedicabbing scene.

I have a limited number of spots for drivers and I like to make sure every one of them is filled with independant, motivated, and creative people. My pedicab crew is very much like family to me and I cannot help but expect my drivers to be able to share in that sense of community.

Pedicabbers have the freedom to create their own schedule, command their own fares (within reason), and make their own way as one of downtown Austin's most illustrious and admired hooligans. You'll meet hundreds of new people almost every night and be able to forge strong personal and professional relationships with your co-workers and friendly downtown revelers. Austin's pedicabbing community is home to all manner of loveable, adventurous people, and you too can be one of us.

If you're interested in pedicabbing with me, just click below and fill out a contact form so we can set up a date and time for an interview. This will also serve as a chance for you to check out the shop and get a better idea of what it is we do (generally, we would do this between 6 and 7 on a weekday). If I think you are a good fit and if you think you are ready, we can usually get you on the road with a week or two.

So ask yourself: are you ready for one the best, most fun jobs you'll ever have the pleasure of working?

*If you have not been in Texas for 3 years, make sure you can contact your previous state's relevant government offices to attain your driving records and criminal history.

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