Pedicab Advertising

Pedicab advertising is different.

By having a billboard that is in dynamic motion throughout greater Austin you can reach many more people than a traditional ad and have much greater impact on each one.

Pedicab ads are always guaranteed to be at the biggest events and busiest districts regardless of where they are in the city or how often they change because the operators are constantly and directly  financially incentivized to be as close as possible to the highest traffic areas to pick up rides. It is like a billboard that can intelligently move to wherever it is most effective, every night of the week!

We are also directly at consumer eye level for the back panels. You have a captive audience for your ad if you buy a front panel, which can also be interactive.

Beyond the creative placement and the ability of our ads to always be in the right place, the brass tacks of the matter is that with us, you can get a lot more (pardon the pun) distance out of your budget. For the price of a single billboard, you can run multiple cab campaigns when and where you want. You can rent out one or a year, or all twenty-five for a month. It is all up to you.

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